Dubrovsky instructed "to punish, reward" perpetrators of communal accident in the southern Urals

Dubrovsky instructed The test, conducted on behalf of the acting Governor of the Chelyabinsk region Governor Boris Dubrovsky in connection with the accident at the pipeline in Miass, which resulted in 12 hours 70 thousand people were left without cold water, identified perpetrators of emergency. As reported in the press service of the head of the region, now they have to compensate for the costs of liquidation of consequences in the amount of 500 thousand rubles Following the perpetrators of communal PE is also a monetary penalty.Recall, the municipal accident occurred on March 19, when carrying out the work of laying fiber-optic cable near the town of Leninsk on Ramelson conduit Miass. It was found that horizontal drilling soil in the area of highway M5 was conducted without coordination with relevant organizations and permission to earthwork. The result was a corrupted conduit: pipe 700 mm in diameter was drilled through. To resolve the emergency situation unfolded operational headquarters, it was also required to produce the discharge of water from the pipeline with a length of 7 kilometers."As a result of the accident at 12 hours without cold water remained the southern and Central part of the city, village Builders, melhorado, only about 70 thousand mussav. The objects of the social sphere and residents of apartment buildings used water that had to do after notification of an emergency, during the emergency response continued supply of hot water. Within a few hours the team of 12 people worked on eliminating accidents in the work involved four units of special equipment. To 17 o'clock of the same day the cause of the accident was eliminated. Residents of Melhorado, remote from the scene of the accident at 40 kilometres, got water in 23 hours", - said the head of the housing Miass Alexander Kacew.On behalf of the acting Governor of the Chelyabinsk region Governor Boris Dubrovsky has been audited by the incident, was subsequently identified the culprit - OOO Ingeo". Dubrovsky has already instructed his subordinates to continue to avoid such negligence, setting the maximum amount of penalties against violators and to ensure order in the utility sector. According to Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Shalya, organizations now have to compensate intended for liquidation of consequences of the accident at the amount of 500 thousand rubles"Boris Dubrovsky instructed to understand the causes of communal accident and punish ruble.

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