Roszdravnadzor inspected at the airport "Sheremetyevo" in connection with the death of passenger

Roszdravnadzor inspected at the airport Roszdravnadzor continues to check at the airport "Sheremetyevo" in connection with the death of the passenger, and at the moment it is established that ambulance was called with a delay, and the call did not come to call the emergency ambulance "03"."Noted fact a late call the ambulance service medical employees of the airport "Sheremetyevo" from the time of the rise of the crew on Board the aircraft until the call came in it took 33 minutes", - stated in Thursday press release from the Department."Besides, presents explanations of the physician-intensivist, who resuscitation on Board the aircraft, it was found that not all the equipment was ready to work", - is noted in the Department.In addition, Roszdravnadzor noted that the call from the airport "Sheremetyevo" came not to call the emergency ambulance "03", and the local phone operations division SMP name A. C. Puchkova and was handed over to the managers at substation No. 24, located at a distance of about 20 km from the airport."At the same time the call was not transferred (calls from the airport had not been received) to the nearest to the Sheremetyevo ambulance Moscow region in city Lobnya and Khimki", - reported in the Federal service.Roszdravnadzor note that the time of arrival of the medical team was 41 minute from receipt of call in operational service until you arrive at the airport "Sheremetyevo" to the aircraft that exceeds the targets set order of emergency, including emergency specialized medical care, approved by order of Ministry of health of Russia", - said in Roszdravnadzor.While the Department notes that the vehicle ambulance and the level of training of the medical team was able to conduct the full extent of the necessary medical and emergency works.The Ministry reminded that the reason for the inspection and surveillance activities office resulted in the death of 18 August passenger flying flight number UX831 Spanish airline Air Europe on the route Barcelona-Chelyabinsk.

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