The Ukrainian authorities are dreaming of a war with Russia. Russia is prepared to politely answer?

The Ukrainian authorities are dreaming of a war with Russia. Russia is prepared to politely answer?Representatives of the Ukrainian establishment openly declare that Ukraine came close to an open military conflict with Russia and are encouraged to "stand shoulder-to-shoulder" and "defeat the enemy". From the Russian side, apparently, get ready for new provocations and tighten the latest military equipment to the border correspondent ."Due to the recent shameful provocation of the Kremlin on the Ukrainian border, it becomes apparent that we are closer to the danger zone - direct military conflict with Russia, It's scary, but I think mentally we are ready for it," he said on his page on Facebook, the Advisor of the Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine, the Punisher Arsen Avakov Zoryan Shkiriak.He declares that "Russian aggression began in the Crimea", and continues now in the East. However, this statement is nothing new: his direct supervisor and all the junta says about this for several months, successfully destroying their cities and killing civilians. As for the "provocations of the Kremlin", he was probably talking about the shelling from the Ukrainian side the Russian town of Donetsk, which was destroyed several houses and killed a local resident. In addition, yesterday reported a downed plane Ukrainian air force over the territory of the Rostov region. But what is the purpose of the Ukrainian military aircraft had violated Russian airspace, not reported."So, request to all: no hysteria, despair and panic! In FB and talking among themselves do not need to demoralize society negative attitudes like "all is lost". We are much stronger than the crappy Russian mercenaries and local traitors. No doubt, we will overcome the enemy!", boldly declares Advisor to the Punisher Avakov."And this is not the ravings of a single patient on the head: same tamtama and chief of Shkiriak, asshole Avakov. That is, Shkiriak not delusional, and reflects the opinion. And what does this mean? Which means that, with high probability, that the junta went mad objectively began turning point in the course of military actions, according to the latest reports, implemented the most sad for the Majdanek version of the "forecast Litvinova and the consequences of this very sad, because the owners are angry, all reeling, loser of the Petka on human't pushout, and Frau Merkel had lost control completely," - says the statement of the Ukrainian strongman writer Lev Vershinin.Meanwhile, social networks and blogs are multiplying data about the appearance of the borders of the latest Russian attack helicopters."In the Crimea also began. I could be wrong, but it seems because, dammit. Such monsters on the arms of Ukraine no. And if they will be on this side of the border, tanks in Ruins too soon will not be. However, they and the other side will get. However, there tanks. Here the question will be how many will survive the Ruin. It is clear that Russia intends to severely punish every next shot. And without any invasion," writes blogger mikle1, journalist in Kharkiv Michael It's about a group of the latest Mi-28N "Night hunter" in the Voronezh region"Putin watched football with Merkel, pobolel for Germany, went to South America, to Cuba. Talked with different people in private mode, and then hop and helicopters fly somewhere. Many helicopters.

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