In the Middle Urals appeared his "octopus Paul": the victory of Germany in the world Cup predicted Pervouralsk ass hole

In the Middle Urals appeared his In the Middle Urals appeared his "octopus Paul". The victory of the German national team at the world Cup, as well as the outcome of the match Netherlands - Argentina predicted Pervouralsk ass hole.As reported in the press service of the administration of Pervouralsk, employees of the city zoo have noticed in the eyes of the Holes are not peculiar to Asses the intellect. Knowing that many animals around the world make a career of predictors, they decided to start his prophet. As it turned out, with the choice of a suitable pet the zoo was not mistaken."On the eve of the semi-final we decided to check out this gift. We put two feeders with the same food and it so happened that she predicted correctly", - said the employee of Pervouralsk zoo Tatiana Kolakovic.Before the match Netherlands - Argentina ass chose a bird feeder with a sign of the future winner. And ahead of the game in Germany and Brazil Nora not just guessing who will win - she ate the paper with the name of the country. Animal, apparently hinted at the fact that in this match Brazilians waiting for a devastating account (the meeting ended with the defeat of Brazil 1:7 - approx. ).On Friday, the donkey made a prediction result of the last game of the world Cup. The choice again fell to the Germans, who eventually won.Recall that the most popular animals-the prophet was a German octopus Paul. At the world Cup in 2010, he predicted the results of 12 games.

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