Dugin: "Russian spring" merges Surkov

Dugin: A well-known philosopher and political scientist, member of the Izborsk club, Moscow state University Professor Alexander Dugin I am sure that the reason for the rather passive policy of the Kremlin in respect of Novorossia very personified - the former "grey cardinal" of the Kremlin, Vladislav Surkov."The situation with blocking decisive action Moscow inside gradually becomes clear. And again in the center of a conspiracy against the new Russia, which involves and Ukrainian oligarchs, and atlantist agents of influence, and the liberals and corrupt security forces - all the same sinister figure Vladislav Surkov. He was kicked out of AP, he surfaced in the government. Kicked out of the government for what had caught his hand on the preparation of the Marsh, but he has again emerged as an assistant. And what do you think, on what topic? For Ukraine. All that I did, marmots and corrupt bastard rallied around him was either a dummy and corruption schemes (OUR movement), or political sabotage that left Russia and Putin's Patriotic reform far ago," Dugin writes on his page "Vkontakte".In his opinion, it was Surkov blocks the strong support of Novorossia and creates the feeling that the "Russian spring" finally merge."He is now preparing the final blow: his intrigues block the strong support of Novorossia, release among themselves patriots, give rise to false expectations, cook clever scheme, which he himself and merges, etc. All in order to complete the work of the Marsh to join the fifth column liberals Russian patriots, who with every hour more and more disappointed in Putin due to the fact that the impression that Putin merges the "Russian Spring", said the philosopher.If Surkov not to immediately dismiss it soon will be too late, and the situation gets out of control, fears Dugin."Surkov works for U.S. and oligarchs, obviously. What happens in the new Russia - it was the dawn of the Russian revival and deadly battle with oligarchical. Now either/or: either the Russians defeat the evil (this is the project of salvation Novorossia) or evil (and its leaders in the fifth and sixth columns) defeats Russian", - said the member of the Izborsk club."Plums Novorossia - end. The end - the end of Russia. Suspension Surkov is not a panacea, but saving him at least some authority in Ukraine - fatally. On the days he managed to turn one important initiative, but formally again nothing directly to present it. And this goes on forever," - emphasizes the expert.Recall that Surkov recent months served as assistant to the President for relations with Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

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