Guide ANO "Perm-36" will not bear the punishment for the rehabilitation of Nazism

Guide ANO Leaders ANO "Perm-36" will not bear the punishment for the glorification of traitors-Nazis, despite the fact that the police finally became interested in their Russophobic activities, correspondent .Yesterday, on a tip vigilant citizen rebels report of NTV on the well-known Museum is the former colony, Perm Department of the interior began checking the management activities of the nonprofit organization responsible for the ideological element of the "cultural" institutions. Director of ANO Tatiana Kurcina was called for explanations.Given that in April this year, the state Duma adopted the law on criminal responsibility for the rehabilitation of Nazism, providing up to five years imprisonment and a fine of up to 1 million rubles, it was possible to assume that the Directorate of the ANO will finally be punished. But too early to rejoice."All disappoint: none Museum workers are not threatened, as verifiable facts took place in winter of 2013, a year before the law. And no one would have known and did not raise once again the question of what in the "Perm-36" washed by the Nazis, if -- if invoked on the survey (as part of the material inspection at the request of citizens) Tatiana Kurcina, former Executive Director of ANO "Perm-36", she does not have merged all the media out of fear. And be afraid of it is because of what," says the representative of the Perm branch of "Essence of time" Sergei Wilis.

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