The Kuyvashev, Pasler discussed the implementation of "may" decrees of the President

The Kuyvashev, Pasler discussed the implementation of Evgeny Kuyvashev discussed with Denis Pasler implementation "may" decrees of the President. The efforts of the regional and municipal authorities concentrated on achieving the targets established in the decrees of the head of state and is aimed at improving the quality of life of people."By the end of the year we need to sum up the preliminary results of the implementation of the "may" of the decrees of the President, including in the areas, which need to be completed in 2015. Some issues have already passed the "point of no return", I mean the construction of kindergartens. This issue should be given special attention. You also need to understand what problems and difficulties in implementing other orders: increase in wages, improvement of state policy in the sphere of health, the provision of affordable and comfortable housing and other", - said Evgeny Kuyvashev.Denis Pasler noted that daily work on version 11 of the decrees concerning the Sverdlovsk region. He informed the Governor about the main indicators of socio-economic development of the Middle Urals. Thus, the volume of investments in fixed capital, according to preliminary estimates, will amount to 380 billion rubles is expected to grow at 8.4 percent compared with the same level of last year.Much work is being done on creating high-performance workplaces. "The government adopted the program, the number needed to create jobs distributed across all sectors of the economy. Last year, the Sverdlovsk region is on the fifth place among Russian regions in the growth of productive jobs - on the territory of the Middle Urals created 47,7 thousand jobs," explained the Prime Minister.As reported in the Department of information policy of the Governor, especially Denis Pasler said tasks to increase the wages of public sector employees. In General, virtually all categories of public sector employees salary exceeds this year's settings. The predictive value of the average monthly wage in the Sverdlovsk region in January-September this year - 28 985 thousand rubles due To the changes in the education system, opening new educational institutions and increasing the number of staff number of workers monitored the salaries of additional staff and pre-school education. Funds in the budget provided by the government shall take all necessary measures to ensure that each employee received wages in full and in accordance with region indicators.The Governor also discussed with the head of the government the situation by creating additional places in kindergartens. According to Denis Pasler, in 2014-2015 planned to put 28,3 thousand places in kindergartens, including 15.6 thousand places this year. With ten municipalities where there are difficulties on the elimination of Queuing, line ministries are close dialogue, on a monthly basis to discuss measures for the timely input of kindergartens.Another area that deserves special attention is the construction of housing and improving housing conditions for certain categories of citizens. So, this year plans to introduce approximately two million square meters of housing. Also with the beginning of the year 698 families got social payment for the purchase or construction of residential premises, more than 1.5 thousand sites in the area allocated for individual housing construction for privileged categories of citizens, including more than 1.4 thousand - large families."This year, 27 houses will be commissioned for the relocation of citizens from unfit housing. For this purpose from the regional budget allocated almost 900 million rubles. Heads of municipalities, the Ministry of construction and infrastructure development, and building the organization's monthly report on this issue. Plan for the resettlement of dilapidated housing this year we will meet in full," said the Pasler.The Prime Minister also noted that in accordance with the instructions of the Governor in Yekaterinburg will increase the number of premises under the multipurpose centers that will allow this year to cover 60% of the population.Separately, the Governor discussed the demographic policy and the development of the health system. This year, the trend of natural population increase. This was facilitated by measures of state support for families, in particular, the payment of maternity capital - Federal and regional, which exceeds 111 thousand rubles In 2014 already issued more than 20 thousand regional certificates.

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