Almost like a "City without drugs". In Yekaterinburg convicted employees reabilitacionnogo center

Almost like a Collected by the investigative Department of Ekaterinburg evidence considered by the court as sufficient for sentencing the three inhabitants of Ekaterinburg in age from 32 to 34 years old, was a senior staff of the rehabilitation centre "Together".They were found guilty of illegal deprivation of freedom.As told in the press service of the investigative Committee of Sverdlovsk region, it was found that the rehabilitation center "Together" was located in one of the houses on the street Ural Workers in Yekaterinburg. In 2012-2013 in the center of the contained drug addicts, in a closed room in isolation from society, under the pretext of assisting them in overcoming the addiction, is charged with relatives or current rehabilitants. Persons who have passed the rehabilitation centre, came to him either on its own initiative or on the initiative of relatives.The patients were limited in relationships with your loved ones. They took away the means of communication, money, identification documents, keys from apartments, as well as other personal belongings, which excluded the possibility of escape. The centre was located in the house, equipped with a metal door with locking mechanisms, the keys of which has always been the center staff or their authorized persons from rehab. On the Windows of the house had metal grilles, handles on the Windows from the inside was missing.The investigation also found that the defendants were grossly violate the constitutional rights of rehabilitated to freedom and personal inviolability, freedom of movement, choice of place of stay and residence. In addition, they violated the principle of voluntariness conducting medico-social rehabilitation provided by law, depriving the patients of the possibility of applying the population health measures aimed at restoring physical and mental condition. In the center of adequate medical assistance to the citizens were not, as the defendants mistakenly believed that people can get rid of dependence by providing non-medical assistance.In a criminal case the victims were found six men, at different times held the rehabilitation centre "Together". Some of them left the centre itself (including by escaping through a window), some exempt by law enforcement officials in early 2013.

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