In Perm arrives revision of the Ministry of environment. Zoo project in Chernyaev crumbling forest

In Perm arrives revision of the Ministry of environment. Zoo project in Chernyaev crumbling forestThe office of the Federal service for supervision in the sphere of nature use in Perm region received a letter from the Ministry of environment of the arrival of the Director of the Department of state policy and regulation in the sphere of environmental protection office of Dmitry Balanovich. It was he Perm ecologists have addressed a request to intervene in the project of migration of the urban zoo in the protected zone Chernyaev forest.In accordance with the request of the Ministry of natural resources of Russia in the Department of Rosprirodnadzor in Perm region 22 August at 13.00 will be held inter-Ministerial meeting chaired by Dmitry Balanovich on the issue of deprivation part Chernyaev forests of the status of specially protected natural areas, stated in an official letter to the Federal Agency.According to the assistant Director Irina Poroshina, Dmitry Belanovic is on a business trip and while accurate information about, will there be a meeting in Perm, no. In Kama Rosprirodnadzor expect that the meeting will take part of the regional officials. "The meeting should be held at our RPN with the participation of authorities, including the Perm region", - said Poroshina."As expected, the auditor will oppose the initiative of the Governor Basargin to host the zoo in Chernyaev forest, and on the fingers will prove all the futility of this idea" - tell familiar with the situation sources from among the opponents of the transfer of the zoo.Note that Belanovic plans to talk with the journalists, pre-press conference scheduled for Friday evening.In the administration of the Governor of the Perm region is unable to determine whether Viktor Basargin to participate in this meeting. Recall that it was he who promoted the idea of moving the zoo.

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