Surgut, perhaps parted with direct elections of the mayor

Surgut, perhaps parted with direct elections of the mayorYesterday, there was held a press-conference of the head of Surgut Dmitry Popov (on photo). Answering one of the questions, he noted that the city will probably come in a number of municipalities with a double control system."I emphasize that we were talking about the possible introduction of city Manager. It was a response to a reporter's question. Dmitry Popov told in detail about the procedure. It is this: in its mandate is to initiate, he can only consult that will do," said a spokesman for the city administration Ekaterina Svedska.She also noted that consultations with deputies will start from January next year. But to make a decision and initiate changes in the city Charter must be the members. Not later than February it is necessary to decide on the procedure; otherwise, the city will remain the direct election of the mayor.Svedska added that MPs should be able to contribute to the agenda - it will be in the middle or end of February 2015 amendments, amending the city's main document. Here there is one "but": decides the current Duma, and it begins to operate only with the next convocation, which will be elected in December 2016."That is, 2017 may start working system city Manager," said press Secretary.

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