Putin asked to close pseudosasa "Perm-36""

Putin asked to close pseudosasa In the Perm region has started a serious struggle between supporters and opponents of the infamous Museum - the former colony "Perm-36". At that time, as pseudo-petition of the representatives of the "memorial" society collects the necessary 50 thousand signatures for "salvation from the collapse of the public Museum of the history of the Gulag", veterans of the interior Ministry and the Federal service write letters to the Governor of Perm Victor Basargin and Russian President Vladimir Putin, correspondent .Rage and local authorities. Thus, according to the media in Perm, yesterday, June 30, met the Commissioner for human rights in the Kama Tatiana Margolina with the head of the administration of Governor Alexey Frolov, on which the decision was made to shift the timing of the preparation of the cooperation agreement ANO "Perm-36" and the leadership of the Perm region on 8 July. Recall that participants held in the administration of the President of the meeting about the fate of the Museum agreed to sign the document until July 1, but their plans will probably spoiled a most unpleasant news from the Ministry of culture, which suddenly decided to refuse Federal target programs to perpetuate the memory of victims of repression." For this program, the Museum relied 560 million rublesOne of the authors of the appeal, the former supervisor of correctional labor colony No. 36 through the interior Ministry, Colonel Anatoly Terentyev describes Vladimir Putin the specifics of "cultural institution", which is shameless falsification of Soviet history Russophobic-minded individuals. Those who otherwise as a traitor not be called (collaborators, Ukrainian nationalists, the "forest brothers"), excursions in the Museum, affectionately referred to as "martyrs", "fighters for independence" and "dissidents". Pupils and students educate: Stalin was even worse than the Nazis, he was brutally murdered its citizens and punishes repression for each randomly dropped against the word."The predisposition of pseudosasa on deliberate falsification of history is evident from the creation of a false, contrived exhibits and photographs, equipment, premises that have nothing to do with not only former colony on the territory of which he is based, but also with the prison system as a whole. Guides, distorting in their comments the real picture of the activities of the penitentiary sphere in the Soviet period, give fictitious-false information, which disoriented, fooled the citizens by this object (including young people, including schoolchildren) lay flowers to stay in ITC-36 genuine subhumans-zealots in the great Patriotic war madusa women, nor children," reads the address.Flowers in the beds of former prisonersReminded veterans and scandalous civil forum "Pilorama", which is held on the basis of ANO "Perm-36". "The international civil forum "Pilorama" has become a hotbed of anti-social attacks and anti-demarches - persistent, aggressive bullying, base cacophonously bad taste, indecent assault (up to public simulate a gay coition on stage), Terry offensive, cynical mockery over the great Victory of 1945 year, hateful extremist escapades against law enforcement agencies, offensive attacks against the President," write the veterans.Don't forget the retired colonels and about key moment. "Pseudosasa, he ANO (Autonomous non-commercial organization) "Perm-36", contains not only on budget, but also to a significant extent on foreign money funds, and only the child can now assume that the money is transferred from the noble and humanistic goals in the interests of Russia and our people. His work looks particularly ominous in the background of known reorientation of the activities of the CIA and its organizations with both Russian capitals on the underlying industrial and other centres - emitting these subversive goal of $ 32 billion (despite the fact that Ukrainian destructive Orgy spent 5 billion). There is no doubt that the number will be sold a lot, and Perm "grave diggers" have long been sitting on the dollar needle" USA"."Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich! Urge You to close this pseudosasa as a source of enemy propaganda, to put an end to malicious necrophilia, lying obliviana modern Russian history and destructive political speculation named ANO "Perm-36" as the object of increased attention and use the direct enemies of our country to her detriment, and to temper irresponsible zeal the above-named its instigators of the highest governing authority and public spheres," write the veterans.In addition Anatoly Terentiev, signed the appeal Colonel of internal service retired: honored doctor of Russia C. M. Kovalev, honored worker of the USSR A. I. Sorokin, Lieutenant Colonel of internal service, retired C. K. Ponomarev and Russian poet, member of the Union of writers of Russia A. A. Grebenkin.This letter to the veterans prepared and Victor Basargin: "Dear Viktor! Any organisational half-measures in this situation is clearly insufficient, for many years subversive and conspiratorial experience of "Memorial" and his legalizovyvatsya agents obliges us to confidently assert that any left loophole will be inevitable expanded and adapted as a springboard for further attacks against unprepared, disoriented and therefore receptive public consciousness. Because memorial, his accomplices, and the capital backers and supporters blatantly cut off their enemies from any media, we believe it is necessary in an offensive manner to hold a series of informational events, which would neutralize the rampant false Ministers of this den of militant anti-Soviet, anti-Russian and anti-Western bigotry, irresponsibly and with impunity misleading huge populations of Prikamye".Today it became known about the dismissal of the supervisor of the memorial Museum "Perm-36" Leonid Obukhov. According to local media, the reason was disagreement with the current leadership of the Museum."The new leadership, frankly, not very professional in historical terms. And now I don't see its place in the Museum. Especially after this report NTV, where they walked around the exhibitions prepared with my help, and said that in future exhibitions will be trained by professional historians. Well, let cook. In addition, this guide deals with strange things instead of resuming the work of the Museum, which now no one except the guard. I don't want to cooperate with these people," said nick.Note that at this same moment the institution is closed for debt, and his leadership is prepared to proceedings with the power company. In addition, it became known that the former Director of the Museum Tatiana Kurcina also intends to challenge his dismissal in court, write to local media.

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