Ferry across the river Ob is finished. The products will carry the night

Ferry across the river Ob is finished. The products will carry the nightFerry across the Ob river finishes its work. "To 19 October ferries will work for sure. After this crossing can be closed," said the Director of the Department of transport and road facilities of Yamal Dmitry Varakin, have informed in the press service of the head of the region.At a working meeting with shipping companies and entrepreneurs supplying Salekhard goods of first necessity, he warned: "We are not going to risk passengers from the products and to extend the work of the ferry terminal before installing ice. Last year the ambient temperature fell sharply, ferries stood in the middle of the river, they were "cut away all", were transported by trucks. Fortunately, there were no casualties. This is why we met. So you were ready for anything after 19 October.The Department's experts have emphasized the formation of ice ferries will stop moving. "Last year, 24 October 07.30 safely moved to Salekhard side of the ferry. After an hour ferries stood in the middle of the river. The weather is not asking, we are ready for the winter or not. If you expect the goods, please promptly contact us. We will try to negotiate with carriers on inclusion in the flight of additional ferries," he turned to predprinimatelstva head transportproperties Department Alex Kostogriz.As it became known, the composition of products in the amount of 70 cars will arrive at the train station Labytnangi after October 21. Traders assured that it is not in their power to change the delivery time of products. They are already attracted to food transport additional car Park in the amount of 50 units.The representative of the carrier "Republican Committee-Yamal" involved on the route "Salekhard - Labytnangi", said that in the event of deteriorating weather conditions ready to put on line a more powerful fleet. "Now on the river and features a court 911 project, in stock cost 600-strong court. The sludge is not going to stop, but in order to do normal roads across the river, sukowati not much, otherwise the road will be until January to do the road," warned the head of SE "Republican Committee-Yamal" George Silin. According to the ferrymen, the temperature of the water in the river Ob today does not rise above 1В°C. According to the observations of the carrier, if the ambient temperature drops to -14В°C and will last four days, the river towards the ice.Representatives of the Directorate of transport Yamal encouraged the entrepreneurs to carry cargo in the night. Entrepreneurs have confirmed readiness to go on night duty.Meanwhile, all-terrain vehicles with airbags ready to work. In the service of the inhabitants of the cities will be two all-terrain vehicle "Arctic - 3D". Third, a similar vehicle will put in reserve. Passengers will be able to purchase tickets from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. Rate autumn "cushion period" - 65 rubles per passenger and 32 rubles per Luggage. Sale on flights decided to open after regular pillow will approach the shore to avoid confusion when planting.

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