The property is a large sports shop in Chelyabinsk arrested for a debt of 12 million rubles

The property is a large sports shop in Chelyabinsk arrested for a debt of 12 million rublesPolice officers in Chelyabinsk arrested the property of big sport shop LLC "Sport-Hit" because of a debt of 12 million rubles In the near future, the store may lose premises.As reported in the management of the Federal bailiff service of Russia in the Chelyabinsk region, the store owed about 8 million rubles to the owner of the premises and 4 million rubles to the Bank. The first arrest has been mortgaged property, which was the product. Sports equipment, clothing, shoes and accessories were arrested in September and escrow representatives of the debtor.In November we also received a number of Executive documents, including foreclosure on the attached property, and also the recovery of more than 8 million rubles rents and penalties. For the rent, according to police officers, the store had not paid since December 2013. Now the lease is terminated."In accordance with the court decision, November 24, 2014 - last day LLC "Sport Hit" on occupied squares, and if the debtor voluntarily leave the premise, the execution of judgments will again engage the bailiffs," said management.They noted that the store without consent of owner provided part of the premises of the seller of branded shoes, but the payment for its goods received through their control and cash registers.After the entry into force of the court decision on recovery of the lease, the debtor has transferred to the sublease and the second part of the store is the third legal entity. Payments for purchases conducted through the cashier of the new sub-tenant, meaning "Sport-Hit" money received, but contractual obligations to fulfill wasn't going to celebrate in ofsp.According to the bailiff, arrest of the debtor's property remains huge and will take more than one day. All property will be arrested escrow company-seller. If during the check the safety of the arrested back in September of property will determine that the debtor has the goods, they need to address the issue of a criminal case under article 312 of the criminal code (unlawful acts in relation to property subject to distraint or seizure or forfeiture.).

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