Skvortsova: While investigating the death of a passenger in the "Sheremetyevo" were found violations in the provision of medical care

Skvortsova: While investigating the death of a passenger in the According to the results of the investigation of Roszdravnadzor, when providing medical care to the passenger flight Barcelona-Chelyabinsk, who died at the airport "Sheremetyevo", was admitted a number of logistical violations. This was reported to journalists by the Minister of health of the Russian Federation Veronika Skvortsova."On Friday we received the official results of the investigation of Roszdravnadzor. During the investigation were identified error", - said the Minister."First of all, when the commander of the Board has requested the dispatch of air traffic control in connection with acute situation associated with a heart attack from one of the passengers, the Manager has not reported this information in an ambulance is not called an ambulance, which would have to wait at the ramp, and reported through the service of its airport, in a medical point of this airport," said Skvortsova .She noted that after 10 minutes the duty of the therapist and the attendant paramedic arrived on Board."It should be noted that when we rechecked the instructions that were prescribed to control aircraft movements for the therapist, they do not fully meet the qualification requirements prescribed by the Ministry of health. When this team was on Board, only after 33 minutes after they had called an ambulance, but had also violated the instructions," he said.According to Skvortsova, they turned not to the Central station, and directly called on the telephone Central ambulance service of the city of Moscow, which is located more than 20 kilometres from Sheremetyevo international airport. The Manager, in turn, took the challenge to their station, not redirecting in the suburbs, and also sent to Sheremetyevo not resuscitation, and linear brigade, which drove up to the Board only through 41 minute."As a result arrived the team was quickly able to zaintubirovan patient, and began to provide the necessary assistance, but it was too late - the patient died," said Skvortsova.Skvortsov also said that forensic investigation is ongoing, you want to spend another histological, Toxicological and chemical research. The final results of the investigation will appear on 7-8 September."After that, will be given additional analysis of the causes of the death of a young man 24 years of age, whose history did not have any diseases and no objective reasons that would have caused for the first time this disease is acute," said the Minister, ITAR-TASS reported.The death of Chelyabinsk Artem Chichikov, which was appointed checking, happened at the airport on 18 August. Even in flight, he had a heart attack.

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