The Prosecutor will understand. The court was unable to determine in which district of Perm Roman Yushkov committed his crime

The Prosecutor will understand. The court was unable to determine in which district of Perm Roman Yushkov committed his crimeThe court became entangled in the criminal case against the Novel Yushkova. Unable to clearly identify which area of Perm the crime was committed - writing and argumentative articles "Hysteria in the Pugachev" - the court Motovilikha district decided to return the case file to the Prosecutor for elimination of defects, the correspondent .According to the accused Novel Yushkova, this news was both unexpected and welcome, because the defense made a motion to return the documents to the Prosecutor's office, however, the court dismissed them one after the other. The fact that the case was discovered a number of shortcomings: it turned out that the indictment does not state the reasons and consequences of the crime Yushkova, and the victim in this case Adlan Buslaev is non-existent social organization, not formally associated with the Vainakhs. Finally, the present application by the defence was decisive."My lawyer filed a motion for the transfer case on the crime scene to the Leninski district court, because the Perm regional human rights center, which were written these materials, which were then sent to the editorial office of the newspaper "the Star", is located in the Leninsky district. We began to clarify this matter in court, but the court insisted that a crime has been committed in Motovilikha court at the location of the editorial office of the newspaper "the Star". In the end, there was a contradiction: the court stated that the case was properly submitted in Motovilikha the court that the crime was there, and in the indictment says that this crime was committed in the Leninsky court. There was a disconnect, and the court was forced to return the case to the Prosecutor's office," said Roman Yushkov correspondent .The accused added that after the recognition of the editor of the "Star" Trushnikova not privy to the criminal process, the crime for sure cannot be considered perfect in Motovilikha district where the newspaper.Recall that the regional Prosecutor's office became interested in Roman Uskowi after publication in the newspaper "the Star" on July 19 last year, the article "Hysteria in the Pugachev", in which experts showed signs of extremism.

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