Governors "Russian dolls" talked about early elections and did not want to spoil the feast. "The bravest" was Yakushev

Governors Today the Governor of Ugra Natalia Komarova has hosted heads of the Tyumen region and Yamal. Dmitry Kobylkin and Vladimir Yakushev, along with the chairmen of the parliaments and MPs took part in the extended meeting in Khanty-Mansiysk on strategic projects Yugra regional and Federal significance. The meeting lasted over three hours. It was assumed that during this time the governors will discuss the construction of road infrastructure, including bridges across the Ob river and the railroad midnight - Ob, as well as issues of population recovery of valuable fishes and housing policy. However, the discussion, as such, did not take place - presentations were made by the Deputy Natalia Komarova Kim Alexander and Dmitry Shapoval, governors were limited to the opening speeches. As the meeting was timed to the 20th anniversary of the Duma of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous district, it was more festive than working nature. At the end of the Chapter answered the question about early gubernatorial elections, "the bravest" was Yakushev, correspondent .The Governor of Ugra Natalia Komarova about the infrastructure projects mentioned only in passing, proposing to expand an agreement on cooperation of the Tyumen region, Tomsk, Sverdlovsk oblasts and the Republic of Komi new directions "given modified in the present circumstances and situation." The rest of her speech was entirely devoted to housing construction.Natalia Komarova mentioned that for the second year in a row in KHMAO rent more than 1 million sq m. Among the priorities of housing policy, she noted the elimination of the old and the emergency Fund, as well as providing housing for those who enter the territory of Yugra. However, the Governor has proposed to amend the interregional program in connection with the introduction of two new subjects of the Russian Federation."Recently the number of subjects of the Russian Federation has added two new - Republic of the Crimea and city of Sevastopol. At the regional level, we decided to Supplement our programs Crimean direction. I think that this need exists at the level of our interregional cooperation. It is our duty to support new regions of our country, to create the best conditions for rest, health and life of northerners. For those who wish to move into the southern latitudes, the mild climate of the Crimea will be one of the ideal solutions. Such an option should be provided," said Natalia Komarova.About Crimea remembered and the Governor of Tyumen region Vladimir Yakushev during the performance of Dmitri Dmitri Kobylkin. The head of the Arctic region decided to clarify that the meetings of the governors are not zagovorschitski-political subtext: "I very much want, that we often visited each other, so that we have fewer questions to each other. To clear: everything we do is for the benefit of the residents of our regions. Nobody is going to accept any global political decisions on the Union territories, the annexation of neighboring regions of the Russian Federation...". "Only the Crimea", - said Vladimir Yakushev.After the introductory speeches of the governors, who no longer have the opportunity to participate in the conversation, the word took the main speakers, members of the government of Yugra. The reports on the socio-economic situation of the region was read the first Deputy Governor of Yugra Alexander Kim and Deputy Governor Dmitry Shapoval.According to the Deputy of the Duma of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous district Alexander Drozdenko, all aspects were affected by the Declaration, detail was announced only information about oil and gas on site. Housing programs, as well as infrastructure, for example, the construction of the bridge crossing the river Ob, mentioned briefly."The report Shapoval briefly discussed the Northern latitudinal railway. But voiced fluently, only the existence of the project. It was hard limit regulations, the event is still more solemn. Today, the format of the guest communication was observed, and a debating conversation must be done in groups, which will bring together the experts and ask specific questions," said drozdetsky.As practice shows, in the case of the "Corporation of development" (implementing the project of the Northern Latitudinal railway, which built one of the bridges across the river Ob) substantive conversation is not obtained in the framework of the sessions of the Parliament. While only Tyumen deputies were able to ask questions to the Director General of the Corporation, Sergei Maslov, and parliamentarians, Khanty-Mansiysk and Yamal just waiting on him to visit.So, residents are concerned about the fate of the two-level bridge across the Ob river in the area of Salekhard. Funding for the project included in the state program of development of railway transport until 2020, the money should be allocated in 2017, According to the latest information region and "CR" are still negotiating the financing of the construction of the regional Treasury on the terms of the return of funds in the budget in 2017, However, the program can be made to the new object - a bridge across the Kerch Strait, the estimated cost of which, according to the ministries of transport, 50 billion rubles"We will look for sources inside the program, I hope that we will find," said Finance Minister Anton Siluanov. Minister of regional development Igor Slyunyayev said that the financing may be obtained from the national welfare Fund, but in this case can be hurt the interests of the Subpolar Urals. Funds SWFs claims of the Northern latitudinal railway, as previously reported by the managers of the "Corporation of development", the application to attract 40% of the total capex (about 54 billion rubles), was approved by the Ministry of transport and is pending in Minekonomraziviija.Member of the Legislative Assembly of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous district Oleg Klementyev said that the question of possible deposits of construction period SSH parliamentarians have asked the head of Yamal Dmitry Kobylkin."The report of the Governor in the legislative Assembly asked the question, will not stall if the construction of the bridge across the Ob due to the fact that in the first place will build the Kerch bridge in the Crimea. Dmitry Kobylkin said he two hands "for" to first build the bridge in the Crimea. We also don't mind. The bridge included in the Federal program and while on the transfers of funding not mentioned," said the MP.Despite the interregional meeting format, the right words were only Ugra officials. Therefore, the question of construction of the terminal (which will give access to the Arctic port including oil KHMAO) was not raised.Despite the announced discussion on another project Corporation - railway midnight - Ob, its name had not even heard from the lips of the officials, told the participants of the meeting. The road project was started in 2009 together with the Corporation "Ural industrial - Ural Polar". Later management "KR" abandoned Railways, as stocks near the mountains of the Subpolar Urals was not confirmed. The new head of the patterns revived mining projects and the construction of the railway. Previously deputies doubted that the project will be implemented under the current curator without adequate state support. Chance to confirm or dispel their fears today was not presented."To be honest, I don't understand the meaning of this event. This is not a meeting, because nobody consulted. Came out, told us how all is well, take place. The questions asked by representatives of municipalities is the only form of discussion. To save time and money, you could invite the governors at our meeting yesterday and there to listen to the reports and congratulatory speech" - shared his opinion one of the Ugra deputies.The team asked questions about their everyday concerns. Representatives of the Surgut district asked why housing economy class is sold at high prices and, thus, looks very unsightly. The Governor of the Khanty repeated the statement, said yesterday during a report to the state Duma - the housing economy class must meet the set requirements engineering stuffing and workmanship. On this issue would be to work with the Department of construction of Yugra.Also, answering the question about the development of small aircraft, Natalia Komarova spoke about a new assignment: the Governor proposed to occupy the position of his public adviser to the former head of the Surgut district Dmitry Matushenko that and will drafting strategies for small aircraft. Former head of the offer had been accepted and shall take office on April 15.Solemn, in all respects, the meeting (heads of regions came at him with gifts for the anniversary of the Duma of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous district), concluded with a short approach to the media. It journalists asked the question: will someone from the heads of the Tyumen region to hold early elections. Governors have forwarded this question to the first person of the country."Can I at all? The decision on early elections takes the head of state. We have one Director, he shall decide all elections", - said Dmitry Kobylkin. "And resignations, too," - said ironically Vladimir Yakushev."We are absolutely focused on the first person of the state and, of course, differently you nothing to say, because I don't know," he finished, the head of the Yamal Peninsula.Natalia Komarova supported neighbor, adding only that the President said at a meeting of the state Council, which reserves the right to decide questions of resignation of the governors, if they will not comply with the requirements of the Russian legislation.Gushing humor Vladimir Yakushev also did not name names and dates, but have hinted at the experience of another Governor: "One of our colleagues hastened to put the question of confidence.

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